Restoration of old as well as modern works
Cleaning and restoration of works on paper
Leaf gilding on mirrors and wood frames


Paintings :

With the passing of time, paintings darken due to damage caused by light, smoke and dust. Cleaning your piece will revive colors and restore radiance.

Over the years, varnish tends to yellow. Restoring it will brighten your painting.

A torn or damaged painting with holes and/or tears can be restored.

A fragile or worn canvas can be re-stretched or dry-mounted.

    • Oils on canvas
    • Oils on panel
    • Oils on cardboard
    • Cleaning
    • Paint layer touch-ups
    • Repair of tears
    • Repair of punctures
    • Dry-mounting, re-stretching

    Works on paper :

    • An artwork on stained or foxed paper can be treated and brightened.
    • A torn piece can be restored.

    Gilt wooden frames :

    We can also restore your gilt wooden frames and framed mirrors (gold leaf gilding).

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